Counselling Services


“It’s not too difficult to get the skeletons out of the closet with people , but to get the gold out is a different matter. That is counselling . Psychological counselling is the art of finding the gold of the spirit.”

We believe in the humanistic theory that all human beings are essentially positive at their cores. Plus, they are much more than what catches the outsiders’ eye or even the conscious minds of the individual in face of pseudo-realism. Let us start with this: ‘You are way more capable and positively so than you think you are or know yourself to be.’ Hence, thy name is PosiSpirit.

It is possible that you or someone you know does not agree with us on this. You may not think of yourself as a good person (I see! You have done and do so many things that don’t exactly qualify as good) or an able person (After all, in all the years that you have lived, what great deed have you done to call yourself so). You may not be a happy person – you may be feeling sad, anxious, hopeless, helpless and the like; you may even feel insane or mad at times (I do! As if I’ll seriously lose control).

Even so, we assert that You are a positive person, we all are positive people! Probably, you are overlooking your goodness and capabilities – your resources of ‘I am’ and ‘I can’ – and giving in to the pressures of life, which were meant to hone you. Well! Let me mention here that we are positive and optimistic people and believe in ‘positive thinking’, but what I am talking about is more than just ‘positive thinking’. I’ll get back to this point a little later.

It is possible that you are not performing at your best or you are not performing in the right way or the right direction. Better – if you know this; you are one step ahead. Tougher – if you (or someone else) don’t; you may actually be oblivious of the facts or you are in a defensive mode. You may be lacking motivation to bring about the necessary changes. However, in each case, we have a little piece of Golden knowledge in our pockets – Whatever you are doing, ‘This’ is the best option you currently have or know of. Again this chosen, but probably undesirable, action is serving a necessary purpose for you.

Finding out this purpose is called Functional analysis. Once you develop insights about this purpose, you would know what other more sustainable, more desirable action can serve this purpose for you. You will come to know how to make positive changes in your life and lifestyle.

We heavily rely on ‘Self-exploration’, as we believe the first step to personal development and bringing about positive changes is to know oneself.

The next step is of accepting oneself – inclusive of all the negatives. Didn’t I say this is more than just positive thinking? We don’t believe in denying our negative aspects and looking at just the positives. Self-esteem and self-acceptance comes only when we accept both the negatives and the positives. Easier said than done! We may use various techniques to do so; this will also depend on what works for you.

Once we know and have accepted ourselves, we need to explore and exactly know what we want to achieve, in tandem with our current resources and realities. Like self-exploration, a vague understanding of what we want may be stopping us from getting there. This step will help us develop new options and actionables that you did not know/practice in the past.

With the word ‘actionable’, the term ‘practice’, which is known to make a man (or a woman) perfect, comes to my mind! You may need to practice or try out new things in-session or at home to reach the mental state or the reality that you want. We may need to work on building new skills that you need as well. For example, you may need to learn/practice communication, emotional intelligence, stress management, anger management or assertiveness to get a more fulfilling life.

We work for individuals, corporates, students, NGOs and more. I can’t think of a single name for the orientation or approach that we use. However, I have mentioned in this article what all you can expect, though there is much more. Basically, this will depend a great deal on you, your need and what will work better for you, which is why we defy building a set one-size-fits-all criteria.

The people who come to us for help – their personalities, lifestyles and problems are way too diverse to generalise and prescribe anything. It’s an additional issue that we don’t believe in advising or prescribing. It’s you who will write a good script for yourself, while we will facilitate you in the process and work together to find a better you, a positive you and an excellent you! We are determined to convince you of the Posispirit that you are!