Amal Kumar Sen

Mr. A. K. Sen is a retired technocrat who has travelled widely across the country and parts of the eastern and western countries not only for sightseeing but also meeting local people. He is a believer of ‘No generation gap ‘and mingles freely with all ages and types. Currently he is actively involved with social media and organisations like Pronam for senior citizens of Kolkata Police, JUM65 group of Jadavpur University alumni. Etc. Locally he is an active member of neighbourhood groups organising various pujas, get togethers, local and outstation outings etc. He takes active interest as a Good Samaritan to anyone who needs help. He is a nerd who has great faith in Google God for problem solving for self and all others. He feels young at the age of 72 and leading a perfectly ‘normal’ life after undergoing a Bypass surgery in 2003. He is also a humorous person and attends daily ‘adda’ to energise senior citizens. Currently he is engaged in delivering motivational lectures to various age groups at different flora.